All of our gowns can be ordered in half sizes, so that you can find the nearest size, minimising the amount of alterations you may need. 

When ordering your gown, refer to the sizing chart that is with that particular gown as the sizing varies slightly between styles. Using the measurements on the chart, you can then see below at the how to take your own measurements. It is best to choose the nearest size to you but remembering it is easy to take in a gown but not to let out a gown.

A lot of women are a split size, meaning your bust an 8, your waist a 9, but your hips a size 11. This is perfectly normal and in this case we can discuss the best sizing option for you, which would normally be to order a size 11 and have the bust and waist taken in. For some styles we can offer a split sizing, so you can order the dress in a B 8, W 9 & H 11 at an additional charge.

For every order that is placed, we will be in touch soon after to collect your sizing which also gives you the opportunity to take your measurements. We will then confirm your size along with the order. So if you have any concerns regarding the size we can discuss those with you then. 

We need a minimum of 5 months to make each gown, though it is very common for brides to order up to 24 months in advance. But please note, the production of your gown commences as soon as your order is confirmed, so no change of mind will be accepted. 

If you have any questions or concerns before placing an order, please don’t hesitate to email us at


IMPORTANT NOTE: We appreciate that every woman has a unique body and shape, so the sizing guide will help you find the closest fit for you, though often some additional alterations may need to be done, so please allow time for this when ordering your gown. 

For example, if your wedding is in 6 months, we would suggest ordering your gown right away, as it will take 5 months to be made and delivered to you, allowing 1 month before your wedding for any alterations that may need to be done prior to your big day. 


Gown Length

Most brides will purchase their wedding gown before they find their perfect wedding shoe, which is absolutely fine. All of our gowns are made to a standard length of 158cm from the shoulder point to the ground, if you are on this measurement or taller you will need to ask for extra length, which can then be altered to the correct hem length by a professional seamstress. If you measure 150cm from shoulder to floor length, though you are likely to wear a pair of 10cm high heels, then you will need to add on about 15cm. 

It is best to remember that it is easy to take a gown length up, but not possible to make it longer. 


How To Take Your Measurements

Bust - The bust measurement is taken across the fullest part of your bust

Waist - The waist measurement is taken at the smallest part of your torso. 

Hips - The hip measurement is taken at the fullest part of your hip and buttocks, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor. 

Length - This measurement is taken from your shoulder, just in from the shoulder tip and then straight down to the floor - so the measuring tape runs down somewhere between your centre front and side.