Sample cutter

DESCRIPTION Bridal wear sample cutter.

LOCATION Wollongong at the Prea James studio.


All of our gowns are made to order in house. We are looking for a skilled, motivated and friendly person to join our expanding team.

All applicants must have studied Fashion Design, Clothing Production, Applied Fashion Design or something similar to be eligible for the position.

Preferred 2 years minimum of experience. Though if you are an eager and fast learner and feel you would be right for the job, we would be open to taking a trainee level applicant.

Job Outline

  • lay out patterns on fabric

  • interpret instructions from patternmakers, designers and markers

  • cut fabric by hand with material scissors

  • write detailed notes on how the yardage for each gown

  • keep check of fabric stock

  • advise managers on how much fabric is needed to order

  • working with other members of the workroom to ensure a high level of quality for each gown

Preferred Skills

  • basic knowledge of different fabric types and garment construction

  • basic understanding of pattern cutting

  • good organisational skills

  • good communication skills

APPLY Please send through a cover letter and your resume to