Photography by  Adria Teall

Photography by Adria Teall

Wedding Date: Feburary 2nd, 2019

What was your wedding venue and why did you choose there?
Montsalvat, Eltham, Victoria. We chose Montsalvat because of family connection, Lock (Lachlan) spent a lot of time there as a child with his family and siblings running around the gardens and old buildings. They’re family friends with one of Montsalvat’s founding artist. We got engaged over 3 years ago, we toyed with a lot of ideas and venues over that period. We are from Barwon Heads, a small coastal town and thought of having a garden wedding, doing our house up and having it at home, but with our three young children and two businesses, after time we started to come to terms with the fact that having the wedding at a venue was far more realistic than doing it all ourselves. We knew immediately that we wanted to have our wedding at Montsalvat while having our tasting there. It’s romantic, the atmosphere there is magic, it’s like stepping into a different world.

Did you have a wedding theme/style?
Deco/classic. I am a fan of modern vintage style, so I wanted my dress to be elegant and timeless. Once I chose my dress everything else just fell into place after that.

How did you and your now husband meet?
We went to high school together, but our relationship begun when we were 19. We haven’t parted since then. I spent 12 months traveling Europe after high school and Lock stayed home working as an apprentice carpenter. We stayed in touch via email and skype while I travelled. We were both too nervous to say anything about our feelings out of fear for disturbing our awesome friendship that we’d shared through high school and into early adulthood. When I flew home to Australia I was pleasantly surprised to see Lock waiting for me at the airport “just to say hello” and then we hung out a lot in the early days of my return.  After about a week I finally plucked up the courage to ask him to spoon one night and the rest is history as they say.

What is your proposal story?
It’s not all rose petals and champagne. Let me paint the picture, Lock and I had booked an Airbnb in Docklands Melbourne for the weekend, a musician we liked was playing and we decided to make a weekend out of it. On the first night of our stay at the air bnb we had our two sons Oscar and Arlo stay with us, so we had spread mattresses out all over the place so it was a big slumber party situation. But on the second night, we had arranged for the kids to be babysat by their grandparents locally in Melbourne. We got back from dropping the kids off to our air bnb apartment full of mattresses and bed linen, instead of cleaning I just flopped on the couch (as one does when the kids are being looked after) and was chilling, eating some snacks, checking my emails. Lock was in the background charging around, packing up the linen? Going to toilet..a lot. Putting all of the mattresses back and all of a sudden he just came charging up to me all sweaty, obviously nervous and gave me a speech about how grateful he was that our boys have such a lovely mother, that he felt to lucky to call me his partner and would I be his wife. I of course said “yes”, we quickly primped and hit up the docklands for an evening of champagne, fine dining, joined by friends and finally the music concert. It was a night I’ll never forget.


How did you hear about Prea James Bridal?
I first discovered Prea James gowns at The Bridal Atelier in Melbourne, I went there with the intention of buying a boho inspired gown and it was all wrong. When I tried on the Arielle gown I fell in love, I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting it. It made me looks really beautiful and I felt confident. All of the gowns I tried on before then wore me if that makes sense; it was all dress and left me feeling uncomfortable and nothing like myself. I was comfortable in the Arielle gown and I truly felt confident and beautiful, it’s such an elegant style, flattering at the bust and waist.  Did I mention that Lock and I got super carried away with all of the engagement celebrations and welcomed our third son Will into the world 9 months after he proposed? My stomach is an area that I’m not confident to have exposed and this gown really gave me confidence and shape. Prea is a genius.

What do you love most about the gown? 
I love the neckline, the folds in the material at the bust to create a sense of fullness and shape, then the silks flexibility to give in areas but not pull, plus the train is perfect. I don’t think I could say what I love most about it. As a whole it’s just a dress that suits my shape and really gave me a lot of confidence on the day, it is sexy and elegant. It was a real pleasure on my wedding day to feel really comfortable in what I was wearing, I didn’t have to fidget or straighten anything, it just hung beautifully all afternoon and night, even on the dance floor.

Are there any special details about your wedding that you would like to share?
I feel deeply grateful for the love I have found in Lock. I feel like we are in a secret club and that no other love could possibly be as deep and connected as ours. I count myself lucky every single day to have found someone to love so deeply and unconditionally, a man who is kind hearted, warm, gentle but also totally manly. Doing life with Lock and our three sons Oscar, Arlo and Will is an adventure, one that I’m very excited about. On the day, having my Mum by my side to give me away was really special. I lost my father when I was younger and since then my Mum has been my everything. She’s an incredibly strong and wise woman and it was so fitting that she gave me away during our ceremony. 


Were there any details that you made yourselves?
My best friend Cass did the flowers at my wedding, bridal and decorative. She’s an illustrator and put her hand up early in the piece, she blew my mind with the final product. She’s a really talented artist and has an eye for flowers too. One of our old highs school friends Josh Teskey played the music for our ceremony. He sang “Forever you and me” an original song he wrote. This was just golden. Oscar and Arlo my two oldest sons handmade (with Lock) some timber plates to hold our wedding bands. I watched them in the days leading up the wedding carving them, sanding them and finally oiling them, this was a display of Locks kind-hearted thoughtful nature and displayed his creativity, he’s such a great Dad and this just melted my heart.

Finally, Do you have any words of wisdom for couples planning their big day?
Marrying your lover is magic enough as it is, you don’t need sparkles and glitter to make a show, you need heart and soul and to be present on the day. Forget the menus and what the weather is going to do, be present to each other and everything else will be as it is.


Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Adria Teall

Celebrant: Jess from Weddings by Jess

Florist: Cassandra Thieme

Hire/Prop furniture hire: Event Art

Accessories: Bo & luca

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bec and Bridge

Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits: Hugo Boss

Band/DJ: Josh Teskey and Wilson

Timber Plates: Lachlan Ryan Construction

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