Photography by Matt Godkin

Photography by Matt Godkin

We always get asked by our brides if they should have wear a veil or not on their wedding day. We love to show them that there are so many ways to wear a veil on their special day.

Headband Halo Veil

First up is a veil is with a headband, worn as a halo at the back of your hair. The veil is made of two large triangular pieces of tulle that flow behind you like wings.
This piece is perfect for our ethereal brides who want something unique, romantic and fashion forward.

Veil clipped in hair

Available in different lengths means you can wear it clipped to hang over your face and/or down your back.
Styling a veil this way give you an option of wearing it over your face and falling down your back if you want wear it both ways because of the clip or bobby pins with this style.

Veil worn around bust

We love the styling of the veil around the bust, it can take your from a ceremony to reception look.
All you need is a simple knot at the back and it is complete.

Veil draped around hairline

We love the delicate look of this styling. Draping around your face and down your back.
It can be pinned with small hair pins to keep it from moving.

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