Tara + Christian's Manly Wedding


Photography by Joey Willis

Wedding Date: 27th December 2018 

What was your wedding venue (ceremony & reception) and why did you choose there?
 We had our wedding and reception at Manly Pavilion.  This is a stunning venue in the heart of Manly Harbour, it has a somewhat European feel, with gorgeous Manly as the backdrop.  Manly has always been so special to us, we lived there for many years and have only great memories. 

Did you have a wedding theme/style? 
The main focus of the wedding, was for it to be a super fun party for everyone, great food, great drinks, great music.  We wanted the wedding to be as much about the guests, as it was for us.  With this at the heart, I guess the theme was for it to be a glamorous party!   

How did you and your Christian meet?  
Christian and I met in London through our friend, and best man, Trent.  Accident prone Trent was actually in hospital and both Christian and I went to visit him.  Fast track 8 years later and we met again at a party in Manly, through our bridesmaid Lauren.   

What is your proposal story? 
Actually, the proposal was very well orchestrated, including my sister and sister-in-law who helped design the ring.  All photographed our amazing brother-in-law, Ryan.  Christian and I were visiting them in Las Vegas in January 2018, he got down on one knee at Red Rock Canyon, an early morning whilst we were on a hike. The main reason it was such a big surprise, was that we had been out partying in Vegas (parents gone wild) the night before, and we were both feeling so rubbish that morning, we nearly didn’t even make it up the mountain!  


How did you hear about Prea James Bridal? 
Prea has been a friend of mine for many years, whilst we had not stayed in close contact, I had seen her stunning design’s through Little Lane Events.  My sister was part of the shoot and she said I just had to go down and see Prea.  It was lovely reconnecting with my talented friend. 

 From where did you purchase your gown? 
Directly from Prea’s studio in Wollongong. 

What do you love most about the gown?  
I loved that I got to customise my dress and I was so thrilled with the end result.  In honesty, the experience I had working with Prea was just amazing, she really listened to what style I liked, and what things I was worried about. 

Are there any special details about your wedding that you would like to share?  
The best part of the wedding preparations for us together, was choosing the music.  Christian and I sat down with a bottle of wine, spotify and the song lists and had the best time dancing around our living room!

Were there any details that you (and friends and family) made yourselves? 
My fabulous sister did the flowers as her wedding present to us.  Lauren worked all through Christmas Day and Boxing Day to get them done, and the whole house became a giant ice box, but the end result was just magical and more than I could have ever dreamt of.  I will never forget the hundreds of roses she peeled back for us!

Finally, Do you have any words of wisdom for couples planning their big day?  
Spreadsheets are a massive part of my life for work and home, having one for the wedding was a given.  Keeping it updated and putting all your budget, contacts and deadlines in one place (ideally somewhere you can share it with your wedding planner, husband, sister – whoever is helping you) really makes those final weeks less stressful.  The best thing was knowing it was all done and dusted in the last week and just getting to enjoy that lead up to the big day!  

Lastly the thing that got us the most amount of love from the guests, was the welcome Aperol Spritz.  This drink was served to the guests before the wedding ceremony even started.  It was a super hot 40 degrees on the wedding day and this went down a treat.  It really set the tone for the afternoon and evening and the bright orange cocktails added lovely little pops of colour in the crowd!  

Wedding Vendors

Photographer & Videographer: Joey Willis

Hair & Makeup: Suzi White

Wedding Coordinator & Stylist: Little Lane Events 

Florist: Lauren Crosby (my sister)
Arch & Signage: Wild Lotus

Cake: Mezzapica

Hire/Prop Furniture: Harry the Hirer

Brides Accessories:
Veil: Custom Prea James Bridal | Earrings & Clips: Jennifer Beher | Shoes: Alexander Mcqueen

Bridesmaid Dresses: Solace London

Groom & Groomsmen: Hugo Boss

Band/DJ: Gemma Lyon, Scotty Sax & Band

We used Everleigh Bottling Co from Melbourne for custom bonbonnieres.  They then doubled as a cocktail/toasting drink on the night.  It was such a fun little moment and everyone loved them!    

Love Prea x x x

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